SEGA Planning To Bring Back “Major IPs”

SEGA Planning To Bring Back “Major IPs”

SEGA held a Road to 2020” business presentation last weekend, revealing some interesting tidbits of information regarding SEGA’s future.

According to the company, SEGA is planning on acquiring new IPs as well as bringing back old IPs from the dead. In the document, under the “Business Strategies” section, SEGA is quoted that they want to present a “Challenge for new IPs” as well as a “Revival of major IPs.” While no specific titles were mentioned, they are planning on maximizing the potential of the IP’s they have in place by expanding them through additional platforms, such as mobile, PC, and the rich variety of gaming consoles currently available on the market.

These plans transition to the digital game market, with SEGA stating that they are aiming to “create titles that will become global hits” in digital format. This means that globalization of some of their region specific games, mainly those found in Japan, can make their way overseas simultaneously at launch, reaching a global audience and thus, increasing sales and profitability.

This plan appears to be already set in place, what with the recent release of Bayonetta and the upcoming release of Vanquish on PC. With this in mind, it is possible that we will see SEGA’s library start to expand past traditional gaming platforms and begin to cover the entire ecosystem of the video game industry.

Source: SEGA