Scarlett Nexus Announced For Xbox Platforms

Scarlett Nexus Announced For Xbox Platforms

The first Xbox 20/20 event revealed footage from a lot of third party developed games that are coming to the Xbox Series X later this year. One of the many revealed games during the somewhat awkward presentation was JRPG Scarlett Nexus which is being developed by Bandai Namco. 

Scarlett Nexus is being developed by the team behind the successful Tales series of role-playing games. Set in a futuristic anime inspired world, Scarlett Nexus places players into the role of Yuito, a young boy who has pyrotechnic powers.

It’s Yuito’s mission  to save the world from a race of mutants called “The Others”. The Others up until this point have been unbeatable and seem to be made up of a mismatch of objects – an Alligator with a machine gun mouth, or a bush with human legs for example. Yuito isn’t alone in this task and is joined by the OSF, an elite task force of other enhanced individuals who’s only goal is to exterminate.

Whilst no release date has been set for Scarlett Nexus, the title is part of the Smart Delivery service. This means that Xbox One users can buy it and also receive a digital copy playable on the Xbox Series X console. You can also check out more about the game on the official Xbox Website.

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