Scalebound Boss Fight Played At E3

Scalebound Boss Fight Played At E3

Today, the Play Anywhere title Scalebound was played for the audience of Microsoft’sE3 press conference!

The gameplay looks stunning, and very reminiscent of RPG’s, in that when the player hits the amount of damage to the enemy is shown.  The game also features multiplayer (similar to the Souls games) to help players defeat the more difficult enemies.  The new protagonist is able to morph into a stronger being and finish off enemies with the aid of companions and dragons., and players can ride said dragons to get different angles in battle and fully utilize an arsenal of weapons (the ranged weapon featured being a bow and the melee being a sword or the protagonist’s claws in their transformed mode).  The animation, visuals, and audio for the game mesh together to create an exciting battle sequence, promising an amazing experience in the full version of the game.

With charming dialogue overlaying the battle, and gameplay that appears highly interactive, it’s no question the Scalebound is going to be a popular title in 2017.

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