Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection Hits Consoles

Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection Hits Consoles

Time to set aside your mouse and keyboard and settle in for some good ol’ fashioned console punchy punch. The SNK Corporation classic fighter series Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection has now hit consoles, check it out for yourself.

“But, Lance, what is included in -” waaait a minute. I’ve said this before! Back in May it was announced that SamShow NGC (that’s what I’m calling it now, you can’t stop me) would briefly be free on the Epic Games Store. If you were around then you don’t need to tell me that the collection includes 6 classic Samurai Shodown titles. You also wouldn’t need me to tell you it includes a brand new release, Samurai Shodown V Perfect. You wouldn’t need me to, but I’m glad I did anyway.

Who has time to go to one place for information, only to be told to go to another place for information? Even IF that information came with a lovely “infomercial” style of tone. So here’s the scoop on this collection for you even more succinct!

Every English version title comes with an online battle mode. Casual or ranked, take your pick, or maybe take on your friends in the aptly name “Challenge Friend” mode. Not a big online gamer? No worries, you can get your nostalgia fix in the new Museum Mode. Browse over 2,000 development documents and images, developer interviews, and even a music player with over 200 tracks from the Samurai Shodown titles.

See? I told you I’d be brief. Not as brief as the free period for the collection was, unfortunately. That ended back in June and was exclusive to Epic Games Store. Console and PC players alike can now pick up Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and the Epic Games Store for $39.99.

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