Runescape Classic Officially Shuts Down After 17 Years

Runescape Classic Officially Shuts Down After 17 Years

After 17 long years, Runescape Classic has officially shut down.

The game’s developers Jagex announced the closure of the Classic Runescape servers, following many problems with maintaining support for the game. While it isn’t much of a surprise to fans of the classic game, seeing as the announcement was made back in May, it definitely is an end of an era for many.

“It has been amazing to see such dedication amongst those of you who have kept playing RuneScape Classic over the last few years, some of you have even managed to reach max total! However, it’s not all fun and games.” Jagex said in a blog post. “With advancements in technology helping to further support both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, our tools are no longer compatible with Classic. This is particularly a problem with our community safety and macro detection tools. The game is now easily abused with the use of 3rd party macro tools, and botting has become an increasing issue.”

Not to confuse with other versions of Runescape, such as Old School Runescape, which is still very active to this day. Right now, Jagex and Twitch have a promotion that earns players a month of free Membership along with some in-game rewards simply for linking your Twitch Prime account with Runescape. More info about that promotion can be found on Twitch.

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Runescape Classic was available for PC.