Rumours: Apex Legends – A Titanfall Battle Royale Coming Soon

Rumours: Apex Legends – A Titanfall Battle Royale Coming Soon

Leaks on leaks on leaks! According to a post on twitter from esports journalist Rod BreslauTitanfall developer Respawn “invited top streamers and esports pros across Battle Royale and other FPS games to playtest Apex Legends in LA this past week.” Apparently, this game is set to both be announced and released on the same day, Monday, Feb 4th. EA is set to publish.

Breslau stated that multiple players enjoyed the game and are eagerly anticipating its release, with Breslau quoting one streamer as saying, “The game definitely has A LOT of potential. I don’t think it’ll get old fast either. Was sad to leave when the time was up and I can’t really say that about any new games in this game drought. I’m excited to see where it goes.” Popular streamer Michael Grzesiek aka “Shroud” is thought to be one of the players invited, as he posted this tweet on Jan 31.

This is definitely interesting news, as the game is set to be free to play, the Triple-A developers have yet to come out with a free to play battle royale game to date. It was only a matter of time, what with the insane success of Epic Games’ Fortnite and developers chomping at the bit to get some of that action. The game will also be class-based (think Realm Royale) where teams of 3 compete with up to 60 players. Micro-transactions and lootboxes will be included in the game, and are said to carry “cosmetics and in-game content”.

There will be no titans in this game and that hasn’t sat well with some twitter goers, with one user saying “If there are no titans than it isn’t titanfall.” Honestly, it hurts me not to correct the improper use of “than” here, but user Charlen_92 had a response that I did rather enjoy.

If more major details are revealed between now and Monday we will keep you posted, otherwise I’ll see you in game!

Apex Legends is set to release on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.