Rumor: Three New Characters and Six New Stages Coming To Smash Soon?

Rumor: Three New Characters and Six New Stages Coming To Smash Soon?

A new patch for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U just launched, and with it, comes an inevitable flood of rumors, speculation, potential leaks, and another smash rumor article. So strap in, because we’re taking a second trip to the rumor mill, this time to discuss the possibility of three new DLC characters, and a whopping six DLC stages.

Similar to the Roy and Ryu leaks from this summer, mysterious files have been found in the recent balance patch that added the new Mario Maker, Pirate Ship, and Duck Hunt (on 3DS) stages. This time though, there’s no concrete evidence as to who these characters are, leaving the minds of the fanbase to go wild with speculation.

These files, which indicate three new character slots, and six new stages, were found in the game by ShinyQuagsire, the Twitter user who initially discovered the Roy and Ryu leaks.

His original tweet only mentioned there being four stage slots added,  but he quickly revised it, so rest assured, there are SIX stages coming.

The fun doesn’t stop here though.  As reddit user Gameonion points out, a mysterious “leak” post on 4chan was made shortly before the patch went live, mentioning three new DLC fighters coming out based on the Fighter Poll results, including Bomberman, Wolf, and King K. Rool, also going on to mention that one of the new stages will be Star Fox Zero themed, and may be bundled with Wolf, similar to how Ryu was bundled with his signature stage.

Normally, this would be dismissed as yet another internet jokester, attempting to ruse the hyped-up smash fans, but interestingly, he mentions the Pirate Ship stage, and how it is going to be the final returning stage. Keep in mind, this was before anyone knew it was coming back with this patch.

Is this just a surprising coincidence? Or was the leaker genuine?

Either way, much like with Shovel Knight, we’ll probably see for ourselves fairly soon. Stay tuned for more Smash rumors in the future!