Rumor: Shovel Knight To Be Included In Super Smash Bros?

Rumor: Shovel Knight To Be Included In Super Smash Bros?

Since the launch of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, rumors and discussion about the inclusion of Shovel Knight, the titular star of Yacht Club Games’ indie smash hit (and popular third-party fighter choice) have circulated in full force.

As we draw closer to the ballot’s closing date though… It’s looking like he might actually stand a fighting chance at joining gaming’s greats on the roster.

The true beginning (besides general poll results) is unknown, but the latest series rumors of can be traced back to a Spanish retail site, specifically regarding listings for a Shovel Knight Amiibo, along with a mocked-up image that many brushed off as a complete fabrication. It’s easy to see why too, as Amiibo fakes are certainly a common sight.

The rumors likely would have died there, if Yacht Club Games themselves hadn’t made a very interesting post on their website. Alongside news of their upcoming Plague of Shadows DLC, they included an interesting tidbit regarding the demand for exclusive Nintendo content.

“We’ve heard the cries of bringing more exclusive content to Nintendo platforms. It might not be quite what you expect… but keep an eye out for another MEGATON announcement soon!”

More information on the Plague of Shadows DLC will be revealed during the upcoming PAX Prime, the very same event that Nintendo has booked special kiosks to display Super Smash Bros. at. A coincidence? Or a clever plan to get together and reveal the indie newcomer at one of North America’s biggest gaming conventions?

Whatever the case, the most we can do is wait. Are you excited to see Shovel Knight come to Smash? If so, your dreams might just come true sooner than you think.