Rumor: Scalebound In Development By Another Microsoft Studio

Rumor: Scalebound In Development By Another Microsoft Studio

Reports are coming in that Microsoft is planning to resurrect development for the highly-anticipated exclusive Scalebound.

According to some trademark findings, Microsoft has renewed the rights for Scalebound, pointing to a possible revival of development. The information comes from Justia trademarks (via SomosXbox), mentioning that the trademarks have been renewed by Microsoft.

That said, it doesn’t appear that Platinum Games is behind the project this time around. A user on Twitter who claims to be an industry insider, mentions that the development of Scalebound was left to an “Important close Microsoft team” indicating that news of the game should be announced soon – perhaps, in time with Microsoft’s E3 Press Briefing on June 10th.

This is leading some people to believe that 343 Industries, the developers behind the popular Halo franchise, is leading the development for Scalebound. The team has already confirmed that Halo 6 will not be at this year’s E3, so it is possible that the reason for that is because the team is hard at work on a different project – perhaps Scalebound. Nothing is certain at this point, as this is just speculation, but we should hear more information about Scalebound’s future during the Microsoft E3 Press Briefing on June 10th, at 2 PM PT.

Scalebound was in development by Platinum Games who brought us titles like Nier: Automata, Vanquish, and Bayonetta. While the exact reasons for the cancellation are unclear, Microsoft canceled development of the game at the beginning of the year.

Scalebound is canceled but was scheduled to release as an exclusive for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Source: Justia trademarks (via SomosXbox)