Rumor: Playstation 4 Slim Pictures & Details Leaked

Rumor: Playstation 4 Slim Pictures & Details Leaked

Pictures of a slimmer Playstation 4 have been posted online thanks to a NeoGaf user.

In what appears to be a “Squished”-Playstation 4, the new Playstation 4 Slim looks about 15% smaller than the current Playstation 4 console. With that omitted, the console seems to be about the same size in terms of length, making it only smaller in its height. Even with the console being slimmer, it isn’t by much, indicating that this console is marketed towards those who do not currently own a Playstation 4.

Assuming these are legitimate pictures, Sony has done away with their traditional “Slim” suffix that they have added to previous consoles. The box-art for the console name this console as “PS4” showing that Sony’s naming convention has changed with the introduction of this brand new Playstation 4 console.


Many have taken their thoughts and opinions to the Neogaf thread – labeling the console as fake. The community’s speculation is just, as the entire industry was fooled by the Nintendo NX controller leak that transpired in February.

If true, we will likely see the Playstation 4 Slim revealed during Sony’s Playstation event on September 7th, 2016. It is implied that Sony will take this opportunity to unveil the Playstation 4 Neo, Sony’s next-generation console.

Stay tuned to InformedPixel for more information leading up to Sony’s official announcements.

Source: NeoGaf