Rumor: Nintendo’s NX Launching July 2016?

Rumor: Nintendo’s NX Launching July 2016?

According to reports from various sources, Nintendo’s next console currently titled the ‘NX’ will be launching in July of 2016.

Nintendo’s new console will be reportedly produced by Foxconn Electronics with some competition potentially coming from the manufacturing company, Pegatron, who is looking to grab some or all of the orders for the NX. According to Digitimes, Nintendo is planning to start pilot production of the NX as early as this October while the full production will begin in May 2016 in order to support the launch in July 2016.

All of the information in the source can’t be believed though and should be taken with skepticism. Digitimes reports that Nintendo is planning to ship around 20 million NX consoles by the end of 2016 – For reference, Sony managed to move 20 Million consoles in about 16 months and the WiiU, in contrast, only managed to move 10 Million in two and a half years… So you be the judge of that.

To continue, Digitimes also reported that Nintendo has confirmed the release date for the NX… Which has yet to be known.

What do you think about these rumors? Do you think that this news supports credible facts or has it washed up in speculation?

Source: Digitimes, MCVUK