Rumor: New Xbox One Hardware To Be Announced At E3

Rumor: New Xbox One Hardware To Be Announced At E3

A new Xbox One is rumored to be announced at E3 this year along with a new ‘Standard’ controller, which will begin shipping immediately following the announcement.

The new Xbox One hardware is what we are most interested about. Whether or not this will include more powerful hardware or a simple hardware revision such as a Xbox One slim has yet to be determined. However, with Sony seemingly prime to announce the Playstation 4K, as reported on in this article, Microsoft would be smart to combat their new console with Sony’s in order to remain relevant in the gaming industry.

The new controllers will look very similar to the design currently available, however it may ship with some smaller upgrades, which will ship with Xbox One consoles almost immediately.

With rumor’s growing rampant within the last couple months, we can expect to hear a lot more information in the time before E3.

The Xbox One is currently available in 500GB and 1TB variants, starting at $349.99 in the U.S. for the 500GB model.

Source: Thurrott