Rumor: Is Luigi’s Mansion Coming To Nintendo NX?

Rumor: Is Luigi’s Mansion Coming To Nintendo NX?

Luigi’s Mansion may be making it’s appearance on Nintendo’s next console.

According to, a person by the name of ‘Geno’ has some information regarding a new Luigi’s Mansion title for the Nintendo NX. Geno, who has leaked information out about games in the past. This individual holds some credibility as he was able to confirm the existence of Call of Duty: Bloodlines before it’s announcement (Which is still being speculated about) and that a whole new Pokemon type would be presented in a future Pokemon title, which we now know as Pokemon X & Y.

According to Geno, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will look “Visually stunning for the NX” by utilizing it’s lighting techniques to cast detailed shadows and transparencies from within the game. The title will also feature haptic analog sticks, something that may be present in the Nintendo NX’s controller, which will “resist when trying to capture ghosts”.

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