Rumor: Fire Emblem Fates to be Released as Single Game Outside Japan

Rumor: Fire Emblem Fates to be Released as Single Game Outside Japan

The two versions of Fire Emblem Fates have been fairly successful since their release in Japan. The Birthright and Conquest versions of the game follow entirely different storylines depending on the game you choose. However, according to the mobile version of Amazon UK, areas outside of Japan may not be seeing two exclusive versions of Fire Emblem Fates. Instead, both storyline paths will be included in the one game and the player can choose which one to play. It seems that the desktop version of Amazon UK doesn’t reflect this.

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There has been no official comment from Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe on the release candidacy of the newest tactical RPG from Intelligent Systems, but we will find out soon enough as the game is set to release next year.

It was an interesting move on Nintendo’s behalf to visit the dual version idea, which is similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. However, we think it would be smart move to release it overseas as one game. It would provide ease of access to both storylines without having to purchase two distinct games as well as inherently adding value to what is going to be an already content-packed game. As we don’t know much about the validity of this rumor, fans are speculating that once you start a path, you’ll be locked out of the other path until you either beat the game or delete your save file.

What do you think about Fire Emblem Fates? Would you prefer to see it as two separate versions or just one game featuring both storylines? Let us know below!