Rumor: Alexa, Google Assistant Coming To Xbox One

Rumor: Alexa, Google Assistant Coming To Xbox One

The Xbox One may receive digital assistant support soon, such as the ability to connect with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

The news comes from Windows Central, who received a convincing image from a “reliable source“, indicating that Microsoft is working with Google and Amazon to implement their digital assistants. This could open the door to thousands of possibilities, using either digital assistant to control your Xbox One in various ways. At this time, the range of features is unknown, but it should work similarly to how the Kinect interacted with the Xbox One.

Image from Windows Central

Amazon’s Alexa assistant has been seen in other unofficial devices, such as the Harman/Kardon speaker Invoke. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Microsoft is working with Amazon and Google to integrate the digital assistants with the Xbox One, especially considering the lack of implementation with Cortana, Microsoft’s own digital assistant.

The Amazon Prime Video application is already on the Microsoft Store for Windows PC and Xbox One, so already, Amazon has some experience in developing applications to work on the Xbox One. Is it possible that the Xbox One will soon launch with Alexa support? Stay tuned to InformedPixel for official announcements!

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is available at select retailers.

Source: Windows Central