Rocket League Changes The Game With Free “Dropshot” Mode

Rocket League Changes The Game With Free “Dropshot” Mode

Psyonix is bringing a new game mode to Rocket League that promises to change up how the game is enjoyed.

Dropshot is an all-new game mode coming to Rocket League on March 22nd. It will release alongside the new map ‘Core 707’ which will be exclusively used for this game mode. Instead of firing the ball into the opposing nets, the objective is to launch the ball down a hole on the opponents side of the field. To create a hole, players must bounce the ball twice on the same part of the field. The first bounce will light up a group of hexagon’s, while the second bounce will create the hole.

In addition to the new mode, a new crate is also making it’s way to Rocket League titled the “Turbo Crate.” Inside this container, players will find a new paint, rocket trail, wheel, and emblem, along with the Endo, a new limited-time vehicle.

The new content will mark the end of Competitive Season 3, meaning all competitive ranks will be reset and players will fight for their spot to become Grandchampion of their playlists. Players who attained a certain rank in Season 3 will also receive exclusive wheels to customize their car with, as seen below.

Rocket League is available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC (Via Steam).