Rock Band 4 Post-Launch Update Details Announced

Rock Band 4 Post-Launch Update Details Announced

Harmonix has announced that they plan to launch post-launch updates for Rock Band 4 in the coming months, with the first update launching on December 8th, 2015.

The update in question will include an ‘Auto-kick’ function for drums, making it possible to play Drums or Pro Drums without the need of a  kick-pedal. Also include is a new ‘Score Challenges’ system, a feature that will enable a “Live activity feed” of your friends scores, to provide friendly competition between your friends as you aim for the high-score.

A new ‘Full-Combo’ indicator will also be included in the update. A ‘Full-Combo’ is defined as “a perfect streak, no notes missed or additional strums/hits from start to finish”. Players will now be notified if they are on track to complete a full-combo whilst playing, so players can keep an eye on their progress.

Other features include a taunt system, improved calibration, variable breakneck speed, new Rock Shop item, various UI tweaks and bug fixes. For a complete breakdown on what these features will include, head over to

All of these features are set to launch on December 8th, 2015.