Rock Band 4 Legacy Bundle For Xbox One Facing Shortages

Rock Band 4 Legacy Bundle For Xbox One Facing Shortages

UPDATE: The Rock Band 4 Legacy Game Controller Bundle seems to be in stock on Those wanting to purchase it should head here now and place their order. Sadly, the adapter by itself is still showing as “Temporary out of stock”.

Original Story: Those who are trying to purchase the Rock Band 4 Legacy Game Controller Bundle from retailers may notice the bundle show as “Out of stock”. This is due to a manufacturing delay from Mad Catz.

At the time of this writing, retailers such as EBGames, Toys R Us, Best Buy,, and Target are all showing “Out of stock”. This has also resulted in a delay for those who have pre-order this specific bundle.

According to an anonymous source from EBGames Canada, the Rock Band 4 Legacy Game Controller Bundle has been delayed until October 24th, 2015, meaning customers who have pre-ordered the game are still awaiting their copies to arrive. Best Buy Canada has also adjusted it’s release date to November 6th, 2015.

This bundle is required for those wanting to transfer over their Xbox 360 music game controllers such as the Rock Band 3 Drumset or the Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul Guitar over to the Xbox One for use in Rock Band 4.

Yesterday, spoke with Alex Verry, Global PR Executive for Mad Catz and they had this to say:

“We’re thrilled at the reception both critically and commercially to Rock Band 4 and have been overwhelmed with demand since pre orders opened,” Verry stated. “For months now we have been saying again and again how important it was to pre-order if you wanted to receive hardware on day one. We did warn that demand would be high!”

Despite this, those who have long pre-ordered the bundle at select retailers are being told it will still be a couple weeks until they hear anything.

“Retail will also be stocking it from today, with the game on shelves nationwide, however, as stated earlier, demand is high. More stock will be arriving throughout October and I would like to stress that the quickest way to ensure delivery is to get an order in now via retailers such as Game, Amazon or indeed the Mad Catz website.”

“We’re deeply sorry if any fans are having difficulty purchasing today, we’re doing everything we can to make sure more stock arrives very shortly.”

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