Rivals of Aether Receives Huge Update On Xbox One

Rivals of Aether Receives Huge Update On Xbox One

Dan Fornace’s Rivals of Aether has received a significant update on the Xbox One today, with features that have since been exclusive on PC moving over to the Xbox One.

This update is fairly significant, containing a lot of fixes for the game’s technical aspects, character balancing and adjustments to the game’s UI. An example of one of the UI changes is the ability to playtest your character within the character selection screen.

One of the most important features in this update is the capacity to save replays of your matches, enabling for on-demand access to all of your favorite clips. To do this, the player will need to press “Y” at the result screen after a match is completed. Right now, the game allows for up to 128 different matches events to be saved, which should allow for more than enough space to save your favorite games.

Characters can now be color-customized according to player’s preference. Players will be limited to one custom colored slot per character, at least until the full game is released. If you have purchased a customer Xbox One controller and want a matching colored character for use in the game, you now have that option available.

The game has been in early access for nearly over a year now and has received a plethora of updates including new characters, levels and character tweaking. Close to half a year after it’s early access release on Steam, Rivals of Aether launched on the Xbox One thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview program.

A full breakdown of the changes, including all of the character changes can be found on the official Rivals of Aether page.

Rivals of Aether is available in for the Xbox One and PC.