Review – DXRacer Sentinel

Review – DXRacer Sentinel

DXRacer is a brand that a lot of people trust in producing high quality, comfortable chairs. If you’ve been in the industry for long, you have probably seen one of these chairs in a stream or at gaming events. They made a reputation for being comfortable over a long period of time and it is our turn to see if they hold up to the hype.

Assembling the DXRacer Sentinel was easy, but not without a couple of issues. most of the bolts and screws are already in the chair upon arrival, meaning no dangling parts in the box and the risk of throwing out important tools on mistake go out the window. What was an issue here was the real risk of washers dropping in behind the chair’s fabric. If you did this, you are playing the “flip the part in every way” game in order to get the washer back. Thankfully, DXRacer was kind enough to throw in a couple extra washers and bolts in case one gets damaged or lost, something I praise the company for; because it can happen, and waiting to contact customer service to get a new part shipped can be a real hassle.

After it is all put together—Damn! That is a nice looking chair. The Sentinel we received was their red variant, but they also have the chair available in a Blue or an Orange. Personally, for the Sentinel, I would like to see more option for colours, perhaps even an Informed Pixel Green (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), but we won’t dock them any marks for that.

A photo of the chair built and set up in our office. We admit it brings out the “streamer” in us.

Sitting down in a chair like this makes working and gaming pleasurable, even as I type away this review on it, but there are some things I have to dock it marks for. First, while I enjoy that there is no “Carved-out-butt-placement” because usually, smaller or larger folks may not feel comfortable in that, I don’t like the flat end of the base, as it is quite firm, offering no give to contour to the body. The head-rest feels a bit unnecessary, especially for the demographic of people they are aiming for the chair. I mean come on, the weight class for this chair is 320 pounds, and yet, the headrest is for people less than 5 ft tall. Still, it is nice for DXRacer to throw in the headrest, at no extra charge, for those smaller folk out there that pick up the chair.

The lumbar support included with the chair is a nice thing to have, but entirely optional. When removed, I feel the chair conform to my body, but it enables that “slouch” that I’ve been accustomed to using in recent years now. With the lumbar support installed, I find myself sitting up more, making it so I don’t feel fatigued during long gaming sessions. Everyone has their own preference of sitting, but even for the professional, the Sentinel just feels right. My significant other assisted with this review and uses it mainly for her professional career, and she loves it. Extended periods of time in the chair don’t exhaust the lower body or make it a moist mess.

Take note chair manufacturers, the quality of a chair’s wheels make a big difference when determining the quality of a chair. The Sentinel takes note of that and features wheels that provide a silky smooth roll with minimal noise, making it a very popular option for streamers who want a chair that doesn’t make as much noise as they do.

There are a variety of different colors to choose from, each having their own striking appeal.


To some, the investment for a chair like the DXRacer Sentinel is steep, pricing it as one of the most expensive gaming chairs on the market. Taking an objective stance, the chair does feel great, features quality materials, and is assisting with fixing my posture, which scores a lot of points in my books. The problem is that the chair is not the “end-all-be-all” solution for people who want a comfort solution. There are several factors you have to consider before reaching optimal comfort such as a proper desk, monitors at eye level, proper keyboard and mouse, etc. Once someone has gotten a nice desk, positioned their equipment the way it works for them, and purchased a chair that doesn’t fatigue them, like the DXRacer Sentinel, you will ascend to a comfort level that will last for hours. The Sentinel from DXRacer is what I would describe as “Ass-heaven”.

The DXRacer Sentinel is available from their official website and currently retails for $649.99 CAD. Using our promotional code, you can save 10% not only on this chair but DXRacer’s entire selection. You can also check an excellent gaming chair article here.

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