Resident Evil Village Announced for 2021

Resident Evil Village Announced for 2021

New horrors await in the recently announced Resident Evil Village. Capcom showed off an impressive looking in-engine cinematic trailer during the recent PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event. Prepare for the next generation of horror with the 8th entry to the critically acclaimed series.

Resident Evil Village takes place a few years after Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, set in what was supposed to be a peaceful village. The story follows Ethan and his wife Mia as they try to live a calm life in their new location. That is, until the legendary Chris Redfield shows up and everything falls apart into a new nightmare.

Into The Nightmare

Players will assume the role as Ethan in first-person perspective; investigating a snow covered plagued village full of horrific mysteries and nightmarish beings. As Ethan, you will be fighting for your life as your hunted by vicious new enemies in this terrifying journey. Prepare for the worst as the odds are ever so stacked against you.

The RE Engine is being combined with next generation hardware to develop this new entry to the franchise. As a result, the survival horror experience is going to be elevated with the most realistic graphics the series has to offer. Not to mention the vivid and terrifying experience that these enhances will add to the game.

The upcoming Resident Evil Village is set to release in 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Investigate the Official Website and Twitter while keeping a lookout at Informed Pixel for more information on all things Resident Evil Village!

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