Resident Evil 7: Cut Content, There Was Going To Be A Dog

Resident Evil 7: Cut Content, There Was Going To Be A Dog

Capcom recently released the first in a series of “making of” videos for their recent title, Resident Evil 7, to show fans the development process.

Titled “Making Of Part One: Beginning Hours” the team behind the game discuss the ideas that they were throwing around during development including the addition of a new member of the Baker family- a dog named Diane.

Another idea, which was being thrown around that Executive producer Jun Takeuchi missed in the final game was a function that called for controlling the player’s breathing. This concept meant that zombies could react and respond to the breathing of the protagonist, and players would need to control the breaths through the use of a button. There would also be a gauge showing how much breath the character has left, meaning that once the player ran out of breath and the zombie heard them, they would be attacked. This, however, was cut because tester players would tense up and hold their breath during the intense scenes. This means that the function was reduced due to the fear that holding your breath in such a way, for so long, could pose a risk for Hypoxia.

This series is a neat concept, and fans of the game should be interested in seeing the game that could have been in contrast to the game that is.