Rainbow Six Siege Kicks Off New Season

Rainbow Six Siege Kicks Off New Season

All of the games that place themselves within the “live service” category live and die by their updates. Multiple games have been able to crawl back from a broken release to something respectable later on. While it’s no excuse for games that are nigh unplayable on release, there is always hope for those that are. Anthem and Ghost Recon are both hoping for that experience– whether it happens remains to be seen.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that hasn’t had those difficulties, as evident by its being on its 5th year. That can only happen if things are kept fresh, and players feel both rewarded and enticed by new gear. It’s a fine balance to strike. Now, Ubisoft has announced a their new season, named Operation Void Edge, and it comes with plenty of new goodies.

The biggest news is the introduction of new Operators: Iana, an attacker from the Netherlands, and Oryx, a Defender from Jordan. They will be available to Season Pass holders a week before others, who can then earn them the hard way. In battle, Iana can replicate herself with a holographic copy. Oryx can dash to knock opponents over or even through walls– but at the expense of some health. You can see the duo in the trailer below.

Ubisoft will be changing the Oregon map for everyone, free of charge, and Ash will be getting an Elite Set in the form of a Lara Croft costume. There will also be a plethora of patches and upgrades to various things, all of which you can read at the Ubisoft website.

So even if your a Rainbow Six Siege veteran, there should plenty of new stuff to acquire, as Operation Void Edge is available now.

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