Quake Trailer Released at E3 Conference

Quake Trailer Released at E3 Conference

To open up Bethesda’s E3 Conference the development company teased a new game in the ever popular series, Quake.

Audience erupting in applause to the arrival of Ted Willans (head of ID software) received the news that Quake was in fact back after 20 years.

“Quake set new standards for multiplayers and set new boundaries” Willans stated, proud and excited to announce the arrival of Quake Champions.

Quake Champions is a competitive arena style first person shooter accessible for players of all skill levels.  Boasting high end performance, high end performance, heart stopping action, and classic arena combat.

It will feature a roster of diverse characters allowing players to fight the way they want, which works perfectly having the game being designed for all players.

With more information during Quake Con, Quake Champions looks promising.