Pumpkin Jack Receives A PlayStation 4 Release Date

Pumpkin Jack Receives A PlayStation 4 Release Date

The one-man dev studio (Yes, we did say ‘One-man’!), Nicolas Meyssonier, has announced the release date of the spookily atmospheric 3D platformer Pumpkin Jack!

In Pumpkin Jack players will get their hands on the character of Jack, the Mythical Pumpkin Lord. Get ready to explore the Kingdom of Arc En Ciel, a mythical realm shattered by a curse. Dive into this epic adventure as you explore strange landscapes and help the Evil annihilate the forces of Good.


As you follow the Devil himself on various epic quests, you will meet friends along the way, from a haughty owl to a snarky crow. Using the incredible advancements from Unreal Engine 4 you can expect to find a vibrant, eerie world just waiting to be undiscovered.

While exploring this eerie world, expect to come across a plethora of activities, from navigating tight platforms, solving riddles, to even riding a ride-mine cart rollercoaster! We haven’t even touched upon the arsenal of weapons at your disposal that you’ll be able to use against enemies.

There is much to look forward to in Pumpkin Jack but these following features are arguably standouts, so, what can you expect to find? A Colourful Cartoon Setting! While you travel through each landscape, each atmosphere is crafted to look absolutely incredible, with vibrant colour palettes and high-quality lighting effects.

Fight for your life with foes trying to stop your advance throughout the world. Master the art of combo attacks and think tactically in order to find the right weapons and put an end to any incoming foe.

There’s a variety of activities you can do, from focusing on solving certain puzzles, to having some fun hammering some moles. Each level will bring new opportunities. Your friends are there to help you throughout your adventure too, so if it’s using a haughty owl to guide you, or a snarky crow to assist on long-range attacks, be sure to use them!

The moment you’ve been waiting for PlayStation fans, Pumpkin Jack will release on the PlayStation 4 on February 24th, 2021. For the latest Information on Pumpkin Jack, check out the game’s official site. Be sure to check out the official Twitter account for various updates on the game as well as further announcements.

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