PUBG PC Patch 12 Arrives Tomorrow

PUBG PC Patch 12 Arrives Tomorrow

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short) is receiving it’s next patch on Thursday, May 3rd, and it is a massive one.

While the patch notes themselves are exhaustive, some of the major changes include re-balancing all of the weapons, with some adjustments made to reload speeds, damage output, and a variety of new attachments. The developers have added the 3x and 6x scopes, while 8x scopes have been removed for use with all Light Machine Guns and Assault Rifles.

Titled “Patch 12”, the patch introduces changes to the game’s UI, with a map selection now offered through the game’s lobby. Now players can choose to opt in/out of the game’s maps, with Erangel and Miramar offered as choices for the time being. Choosing to opt out of one map may increase delays in finding an available server. This change is one of the most requested features to be added to the game, with the general community indifferent to the game’s newest map Miramar. Some users have even gone as far as deleting the map from the game’s files to avoid playing the map altogether.

Other notes in the patch notes include item spawns, with level three helmets now only available through supply drops, although there is one guaranteed in every drop. Adrenaline syringes, which were previously only obtainable through care packages, are now scattered throughout the playing fields, albeit rarely. A full breakdown of the patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

What are your thoughts on the game balancing patch? Are these changes welcomed or are they changing too much? Sound off in the comments below!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for Xbox One and PC.