PS Plus Games For December Announced

PS Plus Games For December Announced

Playstation’s “free” games for the month of December have just been announced, though they are slightly underwhelming compared to last month’s offerings. It’s not all that surprising considering Black Friday just passed and Christmas is barreling towards us; gamers will be busy with their recent discounted purchases or spending money on games to put under the tree. But there is still some holiday fun to be had with the games Sony has chosen.

First off for the Playstation 4, is Onrush, a vehicle-combat– arcade game developed by Codemasters. It has a slightly above average rating on Metacritic, but has been praised for its innovation. Joining the onslaught of vehicles is a personal favorite from the last few years– Frictional Games’s SOMA, an atmospheric horror that relies more on tension and themes of humanity than jump-scares. Think Blade Runner meets Bioshock,  by way of Amnesia (another production by developer Frictional Games).

For thePlaystation 3they are offering up Steredenn, a space-shooter with epic boss battles released by Pixelnest Studios, and a Japanese visual novel-style game entitled Steins;Gate, developed by Nitro+. Both games have higher than average Metacritic scores as well.

Finally, for the PS VitaSony is giving away Iconoclasts (a crossbuy with PS4), a 2-D action-platformer with Metroid-vania elements. It was developed by Joakim “Konjak” Sandberg and published by Bifrost Entertainment. And, last but not least, they have the indie hit Papers, Please by Lucas Pope.

There is a bevy of choices this month, and the various game-types should have at least one interesting thing for each PS Plus subscriber. Let’s see if Sony picks it up again in the beginning of the new year.

Playstation 4— Onrush and SOMA

Playstation 3— Steredenn and Steins;Gate

Playstation Vita— Iconoclasts and Papers, Please

Are you excited to play any of these offerings? Have any suggestions on what we should play first? Let us know in the comments!