Project Scorpio Reveal Set for April 6th

Project Scorpio Reveal Set for April 6th

Microsoft is getting ready to lift the curtains on their brand new gaming console: Project Scorpio.

That’s right. Hardware specifications and our first look at the console is set to be revealed on April 6th, 2017, at 6 AM PT. The information is said to be an exclusive news tip through Digital Foundry, who will show the console off on Eurogamer this Thursday.

There were lots of discussion surrounding the rumor earlier this week about whether or not the console will be shown to the public before E3 2017. Several sources including Windows Central have announced that the console reveal is coming this week, before Digital Foundry and Eurogamer confirming themselves that the console reveal will happen this Thursday.

A lot of information about what the Project Scorpio is remains to be known. What we do know if that Microsoft is aiming to put a standard on native 4K gaming, and that all Xbox One accessories, games, and content will be compatible with the Scorpio. Although the reveal is set for Thursday, we imagine we will hear full details about the console during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference in June.

The Project Scorpio will release this year.