Project Morpheus Has a New Name: Playstation VR

Project Morpheus Has a New Name: Playstation VR

Sony has revealed that their upcoming VR head previously titled ‘Project Morpheus’ will simply be called ‘Playstation VR’ when it launches next year.

According to multiple news sources, Sony announced the new name at the pre-show press briefing at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this morning. It was also announced that one of the first Playstation titles to receive VR support will be Final Fantasy XIV. Details on how this will be implemented are shy at this time, but we will update you as we hear more information.

Sadly, no release date or pricing has been revealed for ‘Playstation VR’ but fans have taken to Twitter to show their anxious await for VR to hit living rooms.

  • IIIMisterHulk

    I heard about this, and I think they should have stuck with morpheus!

    • Morpheus was a good name for the product. Playstation VR does sound a little weird; doesn’t roll of the tongue like Morpheus imo.