PrepAway – A Comprehensive Overview of the Go-To IT Certification Platform

PrepAway – A Comprehensive Overview of the Go-To IT Certification Platform

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. It has been developing in leaps and bounds, and the development has come with numerous opportunities for those with the necessary IT skills and certification. However, while most people are familiar with basic concepts in IT, only a few people can master its fundamental concepts in its diverse niches. Mastering IT, however, takes a lot of learning, training, and testing.

There are numerous online platforms that provide IT learning materials, but none comes close to PrepAway.

What is PrepAway, and How does it Work?

PrepAway is a vast community of people interested in IT certification. Specifically, it is a community designed for those seeking to take IT certification exams.

PrepAway works by facilitating the sharing of information among users. Users who have taken IT certification exams in the past are encouraged to upload educative resources such as .ETE files. Additionally, anyone can download these exam dumps and use them for learning purposes.

PrepAway’s Aim

The main aim of PrepAway is to make it easier for users to learn IT and get certified. To this end, all of the resources on this platform are solely designed for learning and practicing purposes.

What Does PrepAway Offer?

PrepAway is distinguished from other similar platforms by its exceptional resources. Among other things that this platform has to offer are:

  • Exam Dumps

A majority of PrepAway users visit the platform with the purpose of preparing for certification exams of the top IT vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, EC-Council, PMI among others. Being certified grantees one getting career prospects and a high salary. Moreover, taking the path of being certified, one gets a great area for self-development and growth. As the process of getting certifications is a ladder with a number of stages, where each step leads to the top of professionalism.  Among the most popular certifications this year are: CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, CEH, PMP, Network+, and Security+ etc.

  • Learning Resources

PrepAway is all about learning, and it has thousands of resources to this end. Its main learning resources are exam dumps in the form of .ETE files. These files can be opened with Exam Testing Engine from Vumingo.  Such software is an efficient tool for exam preparation, as it simulates the real exam environment.

PrepAway also offers video tutorials in addition to braindumps. These tutorials are developed by experts and considered to be valuable preparation material for a number of certifications. They are ideal for learning as they are illustrative, engaging, and even enjoyable to follow.

Visit PrepAway:

The platform also offers audio tutorials and exams to go with the video tutorials. Additionally, those who prefer reading can access thousands of PDF files containing theoretical information on diverse niches of IT.

  • Networking Capabilities

Throw out your IT manual for a while – networking, in this case, leans more towards socializing with the purpose of learning. PrepAway has a blog as well as social media pages that it uses to interact with its users and update them on emerging developments. Users can also interact with each other via these social media pages as well as its specialized user forums. This, consequently, facilitates networking and sharing of skills and information. Networking in IT is especially important as it keeps you up-to-date on all emerging developments, thus continuously improving your skills and knowledge.

Peculiar Features

PrepAway possesses features that are unique when compared to other similar platforms. Some of its peculiar features include:

  • Free Usage

The wealth of information on PrepAway may be priceless, but this platform is freely accessible to anyone who needs it. In fact, the platform has a strict policy against the resale of its resources – anyone found downloading ETE files and other resources with the intention of vending them is banned from the platform. To this end, daily downloads are limited to 15 ETE files per day.

Along with free services, the platform provides several premium features that require users pay for access to advanced products and services. For starters, the site has ‘bundle packages’ that are sold at a discount – these packages contain premium ETE files and the study guides outlines above. Additionally, those looking to develop their own ETE files can purchase them from Vumingo (a premium ETE software vendor) via a link on this site.

  • Global Access

IT is a worldwide industry. Consequently, PrepAway is a global platform. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access this platform round-the-clock without worrying about IP sensitivity issues. Consequently, the platform has users from all continents – this is evidenced by its diverse community of users.

  • Frequent Updates

As explained earlier, PrepAway offers thousands of certification exam options and the regularly update of the provided files is among them. This exceeds most other similar platforms by far. In fact, it has an entire section designated for emerging and trending certifications. Users can also suggest new certifications for the platform to find and add to its database.

Closer Look at ETE

ETE is an abbreviation for Exam Testing Engine. It is a file format that is designed to replicate and simulate a formal IT exam environment. This is what makes it so important – it offers an ideal preparation environment that exposes learners to everything there is to expect from a formal exam environment.

There are two ways of obtaining ETE files on PrepAway: downloading uploaded ETE files or purchasing the ETE software and developing one’s own files. Anyone can upload or download ETE files, as explained earlier. To develop your own file, however, you have to purchase premium software through Vumingo. The difference between free and premium ETE files is that the latter are developed by certified professionals with a bit of insider knowledge – they also contain the most recent exam questions and are uploaded every 30 days after the initial purchase.

Exam Dumps -Helpful or not?

Studying past exams is one of the most popular modes of exam preparation – it gives you an idea of what to expect and tests your knowledge thus far. PrepAway realizes this. To this end, it ranks among the top IT exam dumps on the internet.

PrepAway users from everywhere are allowed to upload their past exams for others to download and use. These dumps are uploaded daily from all over the world. They fall in diverse categories and are designed to suit different nationalities and certifications. In fact, these dumps are so popular and reliable that users are always requesting for uploads from fellow users. These dumps are also examined closely by IT experts and the questions and answers are carefully verified.

To sum up, one can use a number of resources for exam preparation. Valid exam dumps, and valuable video tutorials should not be disregarded. Still, it’s up to you to decide, how to prepare, as the main aim- is to become certified. Just find the most reliable websites with updated material and make your exam preparation efficient.

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