Population Zero Launch Trailer Released

Population Zero Launch Trailer Released

Upcoming online MMO Population Zero has received a new trailer highlighting what to expect when the title launches next month.

The launch trailer titled ‘Gravity’ lays the foundations to the players life as they try to survive the harsh wilds of the planet Kepler. The launch trailer also features a stirring original song by indie pop artist Naadia titled ‘Movement’, which is used to great affect in conveying the mystery which awaits players on May 5th.

At launch Population Zero will feature both PvP and PvE servers. Both ensure that players will be able to play how they want, and those who wish to explore free from the fear of other players can do so. For first timers, they  are placed into the games PvE server, however PvP gametypes will be unlocked via account progression within the first few hours of your Kepler life.

The first area titled ‘Drop Zone’ acts as a tutorial, which will show players all aspects of surviving life on Kepler. Once this instance has been completed, players are free to either stay within the PvE element or move onto a PvP aspect of gameplay. Developer Enplex Games has also recently released a developer blog which goes into detail about what to expect from Population Zero and each of its game modes.

Population Zero will launch on Steam May 5th, 2020 and will be priced at $29.99, with an additional 17% discount for the first week of sale.

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