Pokken Tournament Adding New Character To Roster

Pokken Tournament Adding New Character To Roster

The official Pokken Tournament Twitter account is teasing a new character reveal.

With the help of Google translate, the tweet reads: “Arcade version participation of a new battle Pokemon to “pop fist” is decided! Its identity will be released on October 13. Wait for a follow-up! #PopFist.”

From what we can make out, the reveal of the new character will be announced on October 13th. Besides the word “Pop Fist” being included in the tweet twice, no other clues are leading up to its reveal.

There are no details on if the character will be exclusive to the Arcade version of the game, or if it will make its way to the Nintendo Wii U. We will be sure to update our readers the moment we hear more information.

Pokken Tournament is available for the Nintendo Wii U.