Pokemon Sun/Moon Update: New Pokemon, Alolan Forms Announced

Pokemon Sun/Moon Update: New Pokemon, Alolan Forms Announced

Nintendo revealed some more information about their upcoming Pokemon titles: Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

The company released a new trailer showcasing new Pokemon, specifically, evolved forms of already announced Pokemon from past updates. The trailer can be seen after the break.

Type: Null, a previously announced Pokemon, will evolve into Silvally, which appears to take on many different attributes of different species. The Pokemon doesn’t have a type as it is entirely dependent on what item it is holding, thanks to the ability RKS System. This Pokemon includes an exclusive move, Multi-attack, which also changes based on the item the Pokemon is currently holding.

The evolution tree for Jangmo-o was revealed, with its second evolution being Hakamo-o and third evolution being Kommo-o. Nothing changes dramatically in these Pokemon besides their appearance, with Kommo-o’s appearance resembling a dragon with lots of armor. Evolutions for Bounsweet have also been announced, evolving into Steenee before it’s last evolution, Tsareena.

One of the different Pokemon announced today was Ribombee, a creature that produces Pollen Puffs, a multi-purpose item. These Pollen Puffs are distributed all over the Alolan region and can be used as an offensive item in battle or as a restoration piece.

This update also includes a first look at two new Alolan forms, Alolan Muk and Alolan Grimer, each with their specific designs. Both Pokemon is improved from their original state, with the addition of the Dark type being added to their attributes.

Game Freak & Nintendo have been diligent in their efforts for releasing updates on a bi-weekly basis. The last update provided on October 4th revealed the Pokemon evolutions for Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio, the three starter Pokemon announced to appear in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon will release on November 18th, 2016 in North America.