Pokemon GO’s Daily Users Have Dropped by 80%

Pokemon GO’s Daily Users Have Dropped by 80%

Remember Pokemon GO?

One of the biggest gaming cultural phenomenons of the last year, Niantic’s Pokemon GO was an absolute hit. For a while you could hardly go outside without running into kids representing their given team, running around catching Pokemon.

As it turns out, likely as a result of the long-running new content drought that it faced, Pokemon GO has lost a massive amount of its daily players, down from a whopping 28.5 Million down to only around 5 Million.

source: comscore.com

While Pokemon GO will likely never reach the heights it hit on launch, Niantic does reportedly plan on supporting the game for a long while, so those still playing should be set to continue on their Pokemon journey for years to come. With their Halloween event last year, along with the release of the long-awaited Johto region Pokemon, and their plans to bring in some of the special Legendary Pokemon, there will surely be plenty to do once people have caught them all.