Pokémon Go Finally Adds PVP Battles

Pokémon Go Finally Adds PVP Battles

After all this time, Pokémon Go has finally added one of the franchise’s most requested mechanics—Trainer battles.

Trainers (after level 10) can compete against each other in 3 vs. 3 Pokemon battles. Battles are divided into different leagues, each with their own restrictions dependent on your Pokemon’s power. An example would be the Great League, where power of your Pokemon is capped at 1,500 CP (combat points). The Ultra League caps your Pokemon at 2,500 CP, however, there there are no restrictions in the Master League, making it more of a challenge.

Not only can you now battle strangers and friends alike. Now, you can also challenge the leaders of Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct for training at any time.

Sure, it may have taken Niantic a bit longer to get there than we would have expected but trainer battles are finally here! It’s time to finally see who really has the best Pokémon Go teams.