Pokemon GO Coming To Mobile Devices in July

Pokemon GO Coming To Mobile Devices in July

Nintendo has revealed that Pokemon GO will be coming to mobile devices in July.

Shigeru Miyamoto spilled the beans during the Nintendo Treehouse Live Event when he mentioned that the Pokemon GO Plus Device would be ready for release in July for $35 USD. He then clarified that the game itself will need to launch ahead of the accessory, placing the game’s release window to next month.

The Pokemon GO Plus Device itself can be used to interact with Pokemon GO and will connect to most mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity. Once connected, players will be able to utilize the device to catch Pokemon in the game, without ever having to take our their mobile device.

According to Miyamoto, the device will vibrate and flash green once a Pokemon is nearby. Players wanting to catch Pokemon can then throw a Pokeball using the device, which will flash ‘Rainbow’ if the Pokemon is caught or ‘Red’ if the attempt has failed. While the device is not required to enjoy Pokemon GO, it is strongly recommended for ease of use.

Pokemon GO is scheduled to launch in July for iOS and Android devices.