‘Pokemon Go’ Announced for iOS and Android

‘Pokemon Go’ Announced for iOS and Android

The Pokemon Company has announced a new game for iOS and Android titled Pokemon GO, a augmented reality game when you explore real-life areas to capture and collect Pokemon.

This Pokemon adventure allows players to collect, trade and even battle Pokemon with other Pokemon GO users. It is also worth mentioning that Pokemon raids were demonstrated in the trailer shown below. The raid featuring a group of people attempting to capture a Mewtwo in New York Times Square.

It was also revealed that a smartwatch device titled Pokemon Go Plus will also be available when the game launches next year. The Pokeball shaped device will vibrate and illuminate once you are near Pokemon – making it possible to play the game without keeping your eyes glued to your smartphone.


If you recall, Google pranked fans of the Pokemon series all of the world with last year’s April Fools prank. The Prank involved users capturing Pokemon via Google Maps by browsing to different locations all over the world.

Pokemon Go is scheduled to launch in 2016 for iOS and Android.