Pokemon Distribution For Volcanion Is Now Live

Pokemon Distribution For Volcanion Is Now Live

Game Freak has been very generous to us this year, as they have given us a chance to get just about every legendary Pokemon, including Volcanion, the Steam Pokemon, being released today via code card

Starting the 10th of October (today) and going to the 31st of October, you will be able to go to your local GameStop or EB Games and ask for a free redeemable code for Volcanion. No purchase or pre-order is necessary. Once you have your code, boot up your copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X or Pokemon Y. Then in the main menu select “Mystery Gift”, “Receive Gift”, then “Get gift via code”. Finally, input your code from the given card. Once it searches for a bit, you will have to hit confirm to receive the legendary Volcanion from the postmaster at any Pokemon Centre. If you are concerned with its natures and IVs, make sure to save before receiving.


You will receive Volcanion at LV. 70. It comes holding the Assault Vest with the ability Water Absorb, allowing Volcanion to gain up to 1/4 of its health back if hit by a water move. Its move set consists of Steam Eruption, Overheat, Hydro Pump and Explosion.

This is most likely the last time we will get a chance at Volcanion for some time, so make sure you get your code while they last. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will release November 18th 2016. Stay tuned for more news regarding everything Pokemon here on Informed Pixel.