Pokemon Direct and Pokemon Sun/Moon Official Announcement

Pokemon Direct and Pokemon Sun/Moon Official Announcement

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be release worldwide this holiday season in 9 languages.

Nintendo’s Pokemon focused direct has just concluded. It didn’t give us a lot of news but what was given was just what we needed. Due to trademark filings discovered yesterday, rumors quickly spread of a Pokemon Moon and Sun title. Of course at the time, these we just rumors.

Discussed in the direct was a reminder that the original games Red/Blue/Yellow will be on the E-shop starting tomorrow. Due to their advancements in the Pokemon Bank app, they are now able to transfer original Gameboy Pokemon over to Pokemon Sun/Moon. Unfortunately, it did not clarify if you could utilize this process for Pokemon X/Y or Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire however, they all utilize the Pokemon Bank feature, so there really is no reason as to why not.

It will be curious to see exactly how this will be executed for if you are a veteran player like me you know that in the original games Pokemon had a condensed “Special” stat instead of special attack/defense that we all recognize today. Hopefully no games will crash when people try to transfer Missingno from Red or Blue. 

The rest of the direct was a trip down memory lane. CEO and President of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara talked about how its been 20 years since Pokemon Red and Green was released in Japan. They showed how far we have come with their technology. A bunch of kids and families all enjoying battling, collecting or trading Pokemon. It was a nice touch.

Currently there are no more details regarding the new games. We do not know what new Pokemon we will encounter, if their will be any new game play mechanics or even what new world we will experience. Once we find out we will inform you on it all.