Playstation Plus Free Games Announced For October

Playstation Plus Free Games Announced For October

October’s Playstation Plus lineup for October has been announced, and this month, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

If brutally tough platformers are your forte, Super Meat Boy should be right up your alley, catering to your inner masochist with hours of ball-busting fun. Dodge sawblades, defeat bosses, and smash your head against your desk in frustration as you journey to rescue your girlfriend from the diabolical Dr. Fetus.

Or, for those looking for more of an immersive, story based experience, Playstation Plus subscribers can also play Double Fine’s Broken Age. Point and click two teenagers through a hilarious and throught-provoking adventure, as you solve puzzles and talk to a wacky host of characters.

The full lineup of games this month aren’t yet available on Sony’s website, so we’ll include them below:

– Super Meat Boy (Playstation 4, Vita)
– Broken Age (Playstation 4, Vita)
– Unmechanical: Extended (Playstation 3, Playstation 4)
– Chariot (Playstation 3)
– KickBeat (Playstation 3, Vita)
– Kung Fu Rabbit (Playstation 3, Vita)

With these new releases, Sony is also discontinuing Driveclub on the Playstation Plus service, so make sure to download it before the new releases launch on October 6th!