PlayStation 5 Event Reveals Price, Release Date And More

PlayStation 5 Event Reveals Price, Release Date And More

It’s about time. With only two months to go until the console’s were expected to be release, the information is out. Both Microsoft and Sony have shown their hands, and there shouldn’t be too much shift from here. Maybe some delays, which is normal. The PlayStation 5 Event revealed the price, release date, and in case you needed them, some extra enticements to purchase the system. This article is only going to look at some of the more interesting aspects of the event. For the full video, you can watch the stream below.

God of War: Ragnarok

Sony finished off their event with a huge surprise– the next instalment in the God of War series. There wasn’t much to show, other than the Omega symbol over a black, snowy background. Kratos’ voice is heard, warning that “the time draws near.” As the symbol freezes into existence, smaller runes etch themselves in the ice. Once again, the right-hand “end” of the loop looks like wolf head, and this time the symbol is blue instead of red. Of even more interest are those runes– they appear to be different than those from the first. Anybody know their Norse alphabet? But, the biggest surprise of all is that it’s set for a 2021 release.

Hogwarts Legacy

The Harry Potter game that leaked last year is officially revealed. As someone who grew up reading the books, I have to say this looks to capture the magic (ahem) of the series. There’s the Sorting Hat, Dementors, Fantastic Beasts…everything you would expect. It looks to simulate school like Persona 5 or Fire Emblem: Three Houses, using the magical school as its setting. It takes place in the late 1800’s, however, so don’t expect many fan-favourite characters.

Final Fantasy XVI

Another unexpected exclusive is the revealed Final Fantasy XVI. It looks to have a medieval-style setting, with the equivalent of knights or cavalry on Chocobos. It also looks to have a darker tone, as the style is gloomy compared to other Final Fantasy games. The trailer ends with the main character declaring his resolve to kill someone, and what looks to be Ifrit in the midst of a battle. The combat looks to be fluid and continues moving away from turn-based battles.

PS Plus Collection

Well, Sony had to do something to answer Microsoft’s Game Pass. Labelled PS Plus Collection, subscribers to PS Plus on PlayStation 5 will gain access to a catalogue of games for free. Just download and play! These include most of their exclusives, like God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human etc. While it’s not as expansive as Game Pass, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Price and Release Date

Now, what most of you are probably here for. With Microsoft announcing their details, Sony had to release something, and they did. The PlayStation 5 will set at $499 for the regular version, and $399 for the Digital-Only version. As for the release date, it’s not giving Microsoft much breathing room with date of November 12th. Pre-orders will be allowed at select retailers as of September 17th. So if you want to pre-order, there’s your start-by date. Good luck!

So the next generation of consoles is officially upon us. Whichever your preferred platform, there should be plenty of perks to keep you happy. As we near the release dates, things should pick up even more, so there may still be another surprise or two.

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