Playstation  4 “Neo” Details Revealed

Playstation 4 “Neo” Details Revealed

As of March 18th, according to Kotaku sources, Sony was in the works of a upgraded model of the PS4, affectionately called the PS4K. Kotaku speculated that it might possibly replace your current PS4, releasing exclusive games for the better device. It would offer 4K resolution thanks to a upgraded GPU and more processing power. Of course some time has passed since then, and it seems GiantBomb has more answers for us, though Sony themselves have still not confirmed any of the rumors that are flying around.

According to varied sources, the PS4 “Neo”, as it has been officially been codenamed, will have a jacked up CPU, (8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz), a more powerful GPU (Improved AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz), and more memory (8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s) than its vanilla version. Sources also claim that thankfully it will be completely compatible with all of the PS4’s current titles, thus quelling the fear of some of the consumers thinking they would have to get a new PS4. Microsoft did a similar thing with the Xbox 360 Elite, a more powerful version of it’s original release which included an HDMI port, built in wireless, and a lot more memory, but could (of course) play all the 360 games its cousin could. The PS4 “Neo” is no different in this sense. Owners of 4K TVs should be excited for this new console, as they can finally utilize their purchase in a console gaming capacity.

People have also speculated that previous games like Fallout 4 or Battlefront could have patches that could raise the graphical quality to meet the Neo standard, but as nothing is confirmed, we’ll have to wait on that one, especially considering most reports say that we won’t be seeing this new console for at least a year. The PS4 is not the only console that seems to be getting a possible upgrade though. Back in March, Phil Spencer mentioned during a round table discussion with GameInfromer about the Xbox One’s future, that he wants to go bigger than Xbox One and a Half. Though vague, in other interviews he’s mentioned that he would want to move closer to a PC-like experience, where you could upgrade your console over and over again, rather than waiting to get the latest model. Other than that we don’t have a lot to go on, as Spencer has not given any more details about the subject. All in all, there seem to be big plans coming out of Sony and Microsoft, with big system upgrades and a possibility for more games in higher resolutions.

And people with 4K TVs actually using them for what they were meant for.