Playstation 4 Has Sold More Than 40 Million Units

Playstation 4 Has Sold More Than 40 Million Units

The Playstation 4 has hit yet another milestone: 40 Million Units Sold.

As of May 22nd, 2016, Sony has sold more than 40 Million Consoles, making the Playstation 4 one of the fastest-selling consoles of all time. The last time we saw sales figures was back in January, when Sony reported that they have sold 35.9 Million Consoles meaning that within the last three months, Sony has moved more than 4.1 Million consoles, marking for a successful quarter.

“We are truly grateful for the enormous support from our fans and partners across the globe, which helped us achieve this significant milestone in such a short span of time,” said Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “We will strive to deliver even more exciting gaming experiences to our users, further driving the momentum and accelerating the expansion of the PS4 platform and its business this fiscal year by offering an unparalleled line-up of games, bringing our virtual reality system, PlayStation VR, to market, and providing ground-breaking features and network services.”

With this, Sony has announced strong software sales, across physical and digital retail markets. Since the Playstation 4’s launch in 2013, Sony has sold more than 270.9 Million copies combined, and with games like No Man’s Sky and Horizon: Zero Dawn quickly approaching there are no signs of software sales slowing down.

The Playstation 4 was released on November 15th, 2013.