Playstation 4: 3.0.0 Update Launching Tomorrow

Playstation 4: 3.0.0 Update Launching Tomorrow

As of September 30th, the new Playstation 4 system software 3.0.0 (also known as Kenshin) will be available for download.  According to the PlayStation blog, this new software promises to be even better than the previous operating software, boasting new features and UI enhancements.

Kenshin will include a new Events app, giving the system user an overview of activities taking place on most played games accompanied by official broadcasts.  A communities feature has also been introduced, functioning as a forum that allows players to discuss the game with screenshots and conversation as well as allowing system users to join parties and games that their comrades are in.  Players will also be able to find the communities that their friends have joined via the friends app and can check out the communities built for their own games on the game’s live detail page.  The Friends app also has a new option for favourite groups, allowing for easier access to groups of people that player plays games with frequently.  Through this the player is also able to see online status’s, what games are being played, as well as the option to message or chat within that party.

The Now Playing screen will show more information in regards to what players are doing on their PlayStation 4’s. This will allow gamers to join parties a whole lot easier while giving them the ability to switch to the Playstation Store to purchase the game their friend is playing. Another addition to the user’s account is a new stickers function that enables friends to send stickers through messages in order to enhance conversation.  Stickers include Uncharted 4, Knack, Little Big Planet 3, and Resogun centric designs.

As for PlayStation Plus, system users will be glad to find that their is now an entire section dedicated to the service, making management of the account, downloading free PlayStation Plus games, and discovering deals easier and more accessible.  Another perk to this update is that online storage for PS4 has now increased to 10GB.

In terms of video sharing with the new system update, players are able to share video clips to twitter directly from the PS4 system as well as allow players the ability to lifestream directly from the PS4 to Youtube.  Players are also capable of watching their friends play games through a Share Play session via Broadcast.  Popular broadcasts, screenshots, and video clips will also be able to be seen as their are uploaded from around the world.

All together, the PlayStation 4 is seeing a huge refresh through the new update with many introductions surrounding community as well as video streaming and sharing.  Players will be glad to know that Sony still strives to make the PlayStation the best system on the market and does not plan to stop the amazing innovations with update 3.0.0.

Source: Playstation Blog