Pinbrawl Due For Release Late 2018

Pinbrawl Due For Release Late 2018

Game developers of a new pinball experience called Pinbrawl will be bringing the game to Xbox One and PC in late 2018.

Developed by Northern Heart Games, the game is still in development, with plans to include eight playable stages, as well as a colorful cast of eight unique characters. Pinbrawl does require two or more controllers to play, as it focuses on local multiplayer; a feature that modern games lack.  The pinball themed multiplayer deathmatch features cartoon-like actions and hilarious physics-based characters used to smack the ball around the 3-way pinball tables. Included are multiple game settings, play modes, and modifiers that creates tons of replayability.

The game features all the classic features you’d come to imagine from Pinball, such as paddles and bumpers, with added new features such as multi-sided pinball tables, the ability to hit the ball over enemy flippers, and much more. The innovative gameplay combined with the vibrant art style sets it apart from any other pinball experience. For a closer look at the game, we attached a trailer which was released during the Game Developers Conference earlier this year.

Pinbrawl releases for the Xbox One and PC in late 2018, with the possibility of a release on other consoles in late 2018 or early 2019.

Source: Pinbrawl Website