Phasmophobia Manifests As Twitch’s New Surprise

Phasmophobia Manifests As Twitch’s New Surprise

Twitch loves horror games. It’s understandable; some people can’t play the games themselves and want to experience them vicariously. Others want to see how people handle the situations that startled or disturbed them. Then, there are those who, just because of the time of year, look for something spooky to watch.

No matter how the viewers end up there, Twitch has a thriving horror game community. Games like Amnesia, Five Nights at Freddy’s, P.T., Until Dawn or Dead by Deadlight all tackle gameplay in different ways while creating tension for both the player and viewer(s). A few, like Until Dawn‘s spiritual successor Dark Pictures: Man of Medan went a step further– you could have multiple people play through the narrative fraught with choices. However, Phasmaphobia has manifested as Twitch’s new surprise game.

Ectoplasmic Excitement

The idea of the game is to have the player and three friends become ghost hunters. Developed by Kinetic Games, each round will drop the players into locations that range from schools to houses. Each player carries tools of the trade; there is the spirit box, EVP, and black lights. But be warned…the enemy isn’t always a ghost. It could just as easily be a demon, or a poltergeist, which is where the tools come in. Your group’s job is to determine what is responsible.

It’s also compatible with VR! So, much like Fatal Frame (we need another one…) the spirits will be right in your face. But the most innovative, and immersive, aspect is voice recognition. The game (spirits) can “listen” to you when you talk with team members; even scarier, it can recognize specific words. Some of the spirits may require a certain word or phrase, some may need to be asked for a “sign”. There are even demons who will be angered if a player speaks their name aloud. But the scariest thing of all? You can pick it up now for only $13.99.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a ghost hunter, this is a good way to see if you can handle it. If you are interested but unsure, or it sounds appealing to watch rather than play, your in luck, because Phasmophobia has manifested as Twitch’s new surprise.

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