PAX West 2016: Our Impressions Of the Destiny: Rise of Iron Multiplayer

PAX West 2016: Our Impressions Of the Destiny: Rise of Iron Multiplayer

While at PAX West 2016, InformedPixel had the opportunity to speed test Supremacy Mode, set to debut in Destiny: Rise of Iron later this month. Here are our thoughts on what the multiplayer mode was all about.

Supremacy mode is a brand new multiplayer experience in Destiny, which plays like Call of Duty‘s “Kill-Confirmed” game type. The goal of this game type is to kill enemies and collect the engram that each enemy drops. The only way to receive credit for the kill is to pick up the engram before anyone else does. Meaning, if a teammate of yours is killed and you pick up their engram, you can deny the point for the enemy team. This encourages players to be more engaging in team-fights with the enemy team, creating new and refreshing experiences for Destiny.

Another inclusion to Destiny: Rise of Iron are Legendary Artifacts. Typically, Legendary items have a specific perk, and that is no different for Artifacts. The one I opted for in my time with the game is one which awarded me an advanced radar. This radar gives the player a more detailed view of where enemies are located, making it easier to locate them. Another perk that this gave me was the ability to still view the radar, even when scoped in with a rifle. These were useful for catching potential enemy flanks, and it assisted me greatly in my time with the game. Overall, Supremacy mode is a great addition to the Destiny family of game modes, and I am looking forward to seeing it included with the full retail release on September 20th.

From what we know, there are six different legendary artifacts in the new expansion. Other than some new armor and weapons, there weren’t many big changes multiplayer other than the Supremacy mode.

Destiny: Rise Of Iron is due to release on September 20th, 2016 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Stay tuned to InformedPixel for more PAX and Destiny news!