Overwatch’s Zarya Joins The Heroes Of The Storm Roster

Overwatch’s Zarya Joins The Heroes Of The Storm Roster

Zarya, the Russian hero, will be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster as Overwatch’s second playable character.

Upon Overwatch’s release, the popular British female Tracer became playable in Heroes of the Storm, with the promise that more characters would eventually make their way to the game. Enter Zarya, the Russian tank from Overwatch.

This hero brings a lot of her abilities from Overwatch, and then some. As a secondary attack option, Zarya can utilize her particle grenades to attack in a splash-like fashion. Zarya also packs a shield, which she can apply to herself or her teammates to protect them against incoming attacks. The shield will repel attacks for a short time until the time duration runs out or she maxes out on her energy, whichever comes first.

Her heroic abilities consist of Graviton Surge and Expulsion Zone, both which will support the team in team fights. Graviton Surge will suck enemies into a field in an area of effect, holding enemies in a trap for 2.5 seconds. Expulsion Zone, on the other hand, has the opposite effect, which deters enemies from entering the field for 3.5 seconds.

Heroes of the Storm is available for Mac and PC.