Nvidia To Provide Desktop-Grade GPU’s To Laptops

Nvidia To Provide Desktop-Grade GPU’s To Laptops

The next generation of gaming laptops from ASUS, MSI, and other brand name laptops will include full desktop-grade GPU’s.

In an announcement made by Nvidia today, the next generation of laptops from various brand name manufacturers will now include a desktop GTX 1080, GTX 1070, or GTX 1060 in their machines. Theoretically, given that proper cooling is being provided to the GPU’s, this will result in nearly the same performance as desktop grade GPU’s – Something laptops have been struggling with maintaining over the years. The Laptop GPU’s won’t contain the exact same specifications. Consumers should only see, at most, a 10% depreciation in performance when compared to it’s Desktop older brother.

Gaming laptops have always been faced with performance gaps; What with the infamous “M” suffix. The last generation of gaming laptops bundled the GTX 980M, GTX 970M, or GTX 960M GPU’s. These GPUs, when tested in real-world environments, would lack in performance when compared to their desktop variants. In the end, it results in a 20% – 30% downgrade in performance. This results in games running at lower frame-rates, causing a poor experience.

Laptops featuring the brand new GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060 GPU’s will be arriving in stores over the next few days.