No Man’s Sky Gets “The Abyss” Update

No Man’s Sky Gets “The Abyss” Update

No Man’s Sky originally released in 2016 to much disappointment. The game was huge and breathtaking in its visuals but lacked any substantial content for the countless hours of game-time promised. Since then, Hello Games have done a really good job of redeeming the respect and love of an initially dissatisfied player base.

With the release of the “NEXT” update back in July, No Man’s Sky got an extreme overhaul and finally fulfilled expectations that people had for the initial release of the game. The “NEXT” update added features like base-building, online multiplayer, and so much more.

Now the newest update for No Man’s Sky is here and the deep-blue sea is the newest part of the game to get a serious makeover. With “The Abyss”, Hello Games have promised story missions with a “dark narrative”. There will also be dangerous deep-sea creatures, underwater base building and submarines to name but a few of the awesome new features added.

No Man’s Sky “The Abyss” is available for free on all platforms.